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Travelvibes Luxury Apartments

Dedicated to make you feel like home and experience the Authentic Greek Hospitality

Welcome to the historical, sunny and vibrant city of Athens!

Born and raised in Athens; two different generations, mother and daughter, sharing the same admire for our beautiful city and the same passion for travelling and dancing.

Anny is a Marketing and Communication graduate and a Tourism Management postgraduate that has been working for the past five years in a travel agency in the center of Athens.

Emilia is a lifetime entrepreneur from her early years in dedicated to fields of expertise.

We are dedicated to provide our guests with the essence of the Authentic Greek Hospitality. We are looking forward to welcome you in our amazing city, a city of ancient history, breathtaking views, scenic alleys, picturesque neighborhoods, romantic sunsets, Mediterranean beaches, traditional food, art, nightlife, sunny days and warm hearts.

One of my dreams is to travel throughout the world, meet different cultures and keep filling my album of life with unique pictures of different places. However, people are the ones that give life to the beauty of a country; So, I would be really pleased to become a part of your Greek experience and assist you to fill your own album of life with pictures of my fascinating city. It would be an honor to assist you in anything you may need during your stay in Athens and provide you with every information you may require.

Anny Danai Tsitagianni

We are really happy to welcome you to our city, to make you feel like home and to share with you our passion for exploration and travelling and our love for the historical, vibrant, sunny and diverse city of Athens.

Independently of the reason you choose to travel to Athens and even if you are in between history, urban modern life, traditional senses and stunning seas Travelvibes Luxury Apartments will completely offer you a memorable experience in the heart of Athens.